First Department reverses Supreme Court decision on”holdback”provision in stock purchase agreement.

In a rare reversal, the Court in Golden Tech. Mgt., LLC v. NextGen Acquisition, Inc., 138 AD3d 625 (2016) granted defendant’s motion for summary judgment dismissing a breach of contract cause of action.

As part of the terms of a stock purchase agreement, the defendants were to make an initial cash deposit at the time of closing.  In addition, they were also to deposit a “holdback” amount in an escrow account of non-party NextGen Fuels, Inc.   The deposit would then be returned to the plaintiffs after one year.

Plaintiffs filed a cause of action for breach of contract approximately seven years after the closing date, but within six years of the time that the deposit should be disbursed to the plaintiffs.

The Court delineated the contract provision to include two obligations: (1) a deposit to be made into an escrow account and (2) the payment obligation whereby the plaintiffs would receive the amount deposited after one year.

Here, the plaintiff intended to enforce the payment obligation and the Court noted that while it was not time-barred under CPLR  213(2), nevertheless the defendants were “not responsible for the breach” and the correct party was non-party NextGen Fuels, Inc.



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